Buy Nizagara

Revolutionary Super Nizagara drug already has millions of fans worldwide. The drug is interesting because of includes sildenafil and vitamins. Sildenafil ( the active ingredient ) is successfully struggling to erectile dysfunction and allows men to enjoy sex, the vitamins strengthen the body and reproductive system at whole. The product contains following vitamins:
L-Arginine ( 200mg ) - reduces the risk of cardio-vascular disease, improves blood circulation, increases sperm count and creates the conditions for a prolonged erection;
Ginseng ( 100 mg ) - has a tonic effect in mental or physical fatigue, improves immunity , vascular tone;
Vitamin B6 ( 100 mg ) - improves protein synthesis, liver function, improves performance and endurance under various loads, contributes to the growth of muscle tissue;
Vitamin B12 (75 mg) - is important for the functioning of folate, nerve cells, normalizes digestion;
Folic acid (50 mg) - is involved in metabolic processes, reduces stress, increases sperm count, helps keep your health in great shape.

Action of Super Nizagara have no difference from other kinds of Sildenafil. Each pill consists of 25 mg sildenafil, so 2 pills can be taken at once for 1 reception. You should refrain from alcoholic beverages before use of nizagara, as they reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Duration of action is 5 hours. 30-40 minutes - so much time is required for fully absorbing of active ingredient into the blood.